LCB, Paris and all the love!

Paris is truly a place for artists. It’s not because it has the Louvre or other monuments. It is because everyone here works as an artist. Chefs think that their product is art. It’s creativity, it’s perfection is really all that matters. When they whisk butter and sugar by hand and see it turn white, that art, how can a machine replace this? How can one think of compromising on this and letting a machine do it! How will you love it then! Stores here are so beautifully done up. Whether it’s a designer boutique or a husband – wife run bakery, there is style and there is character. And now i know why Parisians are considered more stylish than the British and the rest of the world. It’s not because they wear make-up and high heels but because they curate everything to such a level of beauty and precision. The building on an ordinary street is worth staring at.

Another lesson that I am learning is that by screaming and demanding perfection, nothing happens. No one gets motivated, they get scared and mess up more and the weak ones run away. But you keep giving demos, training them again and again and forever, make a joke and point out their mistake, forgive them when it happens, but let them know it was wrong and motivation does come. Demand excellence always, don’t compromise but demand not by screaming but by constant teaching. I want to be a student like that, I want to be a teacher like that.

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