Go Desi with your bread

Mar 22, 2014

When was the last time you ate rotis from bajra, jawar or nachni? Or have you ever tried these flours at all? While most of us relegate these flours to 'village cuisine', we owe it to some city bakers who are trying to bring these nutritious grains and millets into our diets. Stuffed nachni rolls, bajra and garlic baguette, ragi and bajra sourdoughs and jawar, bajri and ragi multigrain breads are some of the options you now have.



So far, gourmet bakeries and five stars focused on bringing out the best of International produce to Indian shores, with a variety of breads, flours for which is sourced from around the world. But a few players are now doing things the other way, Chef Vasant Khot of Holiday Inn being one of them

Go Desi with your bread