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Here are the 'loaf'ers behind The Baker's Dozen

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Sneh Jain a.k.a Croissant Loafer

An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and B.Tech Pharma from UDCT, Mumbai, Sneh worked with McKinsey and Co. on projects all over the world and was living it up as a high flying consultant (literally with all the travel!). However, the itch to do his own biznuz (arising from his Marwadi genes) finally overpowered any corporate aspirations and led to the birth of The Baker’s Dozen. His leadership and vision helps power The Baker’s Dozen to greater heights. The final word on anything and everything to do with TBD, do not rub him the wrong way. Not only does he have martial arts training of more than 6 years, he regularly skydives and bungees to proclaim ‘No Fear’.

Aditi Handa a.k.a Fourgrain Fanatic

Our inhouse master of all trades, Aditi has trained as a psychologist, HR expert and as a baker! In short, a lethal concoction of skillsets which drives The Baker’s Dozen. First, she successfully established India’s first branded college merchandise store – The Wimwian at IIM Ahmedabad. However, life had something else in store for her and she decided to become a baker instead! After honing her skills at the esteemed French Culinary Institute in New York, she decided to bring authentic artisan bread to India in the way it should be - genuine, healthy and affordable. A stickler for systems, Aditi has everything planned out in excel – right from baking times to email reminders. Nothing escapes her all seeing eye.

Amit Kohli a.k.a. Bread-butter

A strategy guru, a start-up builder, and a badminton champ put together is what makes the quintessential Amit. An MBA from IIT Delhi, and B.Pharm from Delhi University, Amit worked with McKinsey and Co. for seven years with projects across 35 countries (Phew- don’t we all envy that !!!). The “seven-year itch” at McKinsey made him leave his plush consulting job and take the “plunge” to start Foodpanda in India. 1.5 years laterand after taking Foodpanda to market leadership, Amit moved to Europe to experience a different life in a pharma company. But, as is said, once you have “tasted the blood” you can’t settle for a boring corporate life. Which is what brought Amit back to India and join the TBD team, and we are all so happy he did. A humanised version of our four grain sourdough (hard from outside- soft inside), we rely on him to make TBD as India’s most loved bakery!

Siddharth Handa

The youngest gun of MIPL, Siddharth was, we guess, the inspiration for '3 Idiots'. He spent his mechanical engineering time designing racing cars and actually learning about machines rather than learn by rote. A job at Orchid Pharmaceuticals couldn't keep his inquisitive nature satisfied and hence, he decided to ask questions to himself instead!! The epitome of 'Mimansa', he will grill you with the 5 Ws, How and more. The excruciating level of detail going into everything at MIPL has Siddharth's signature on it.