Q. What does The Baker’s Dozen stand for?

A. The Baker’s Dozen traditionally stands for 13. Here’s a story regarding how the concept came up (Please note there is no proof for this story – maybe true, might not be :), but it sure makes for a good tale)

In medieval Europe, bakers were considered to be nobles and given a high stature since they were food providers. However, as is the case with all things excess, they grew greedy and started cheating their customer by giving smaller loafs and making excess profit. Due to the increasing number of complaints, the king passed a rule saying ‘any baker caught cheating would be subject to the punishment of his hands being cut so that he can never bake again’. The baker’s guild grew wary of this and hence passed a rule saying ‘From today, all bakers shall provide 13 to a dozen i.e. provide slightly extra as insurance against being accused of cheating’. That is how ‘Baker’s Dozen’ became 13!

For the folks at The Baker’s Dozen, 13 symbolises always doing a step extra, whether it is using high quality ingredients, not using chemicals or preservatives, or only selling fresh breads etc. Hence, they are ‘The Baker’s Dozen’!

Q. Is this an international chain?

A. No, this is an Aamchi Mumbai based chain, but our Head Chef/Co-Founder is a trained baker from The French Culinary Institute, New York and from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

Q. What is special about you and the other breads at TBD?

A. First of all, the TBD bakers do not add any chemicals or preservatives. Hence, you get more from your bread as compared to other commercial alternatives. For e.g. TBD’s wholewheat half loaf weighs 300 g and full loaf weighs 550 g. Any full loaf of commercial bread weighs 400-450 g since chemicals help in increasing dough volume. Thus, in some way, you get more bread for your buck! Nutritional benefits aside :)

Q. ‘No chemicals, no preservatives’ is great! But does that mean you won’t stay long? Do I need to consume you quickly?

A. The unique techniques employed by the TBD bakers such as sourdough ensure the breads have a shelf life of 3 days with no need for chemicals or preservatives. However, since Indian weather is not that conducive for breads, our strong suggestion would be to store the bread in an airtight container in the fridge. The airtight container prevents drying on exposure to air since we do not contain fats. As and when you want to consume me, toast a slide and voila, I am ready :)

Q. I don’t want the whole loaf, its too big. What do I do?

A. I would suggest if you are unable to finish me in the next 3-4 days, then cut me into half and freeze the first half of it. It will last in the freezer for a very long time. A lot of our customers do this and find that it works very well for them.

Q. When do you come fresh to The Baker’s Dozen stores?

A. I am baked fresh every morning and arrive at 8 am to all the TBD stores.

Q. If I see you at the store at any time, how am I sure you have been freshly baked today?

A. These folks at The Baker’s Dozen are a bit crazy about quality. They only sell breads baked fresh the same day at their stores. Any leftover bread is discarded appropriately. Hence, I can guarantee that I shall always be fresh when you see me – pinky swear!

Q. Are you 100% wheat?

A. We are wholewheat breads – i.e. there is a proportion of aata and maida in a similar ratio as that in the wheat kernel. When one says it’s a wholewheat bread, it’s always a proportion of the flour that is wheat. The proportion ranges anwhere between 30 – 50% aata. During our recipe development, the TBD chefs realized that if they would make 100% aata bread, the taste gets very wheaty and heavy to digest and to overcome that, we need to add taste masking agents like molasses and chemicals. But on testing, they realized that a 50% aata bread with no chemicals or preservatives is nutritionally better as compared to a 100% aata bread with artificial chemicals and preservatives.

Q. Are there sourdough variants of you available at the TBD stores?

A. Yes, the Pain Aux Cereales, Pain Au Levains, Four Grain, Ciabatta, Baguettes and Pavs are all sourdough. Sourdough is a technique of bread baking in which a pre-ferment/starter is used. It is very similar to the way our good old dahi or idli batter is made at home. This helps in achieving greater shelf life without adding chemicals or preservatives and also a good taste and texture.

Q. Are there gluten-free variants of you available at the TBD stores?

A. The TBD bakers bake a delicious gluten-free flourless chocolate cake wedge. Gluten-free breads are under development

Q. Are there any products which are vegan?

A. The TBD bakers do use dairy products and eggs in some of the products. However, all my sourdough brothers (Four Grain, Pain Aux Cereales, Baguettes, Ciabatta etc) are vegan. Focaccia is vegan too.

Q. Where are you available?

A. A. Currently TBD has 3 stores in Mumbai. The list is as follows:

4, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Road,
Shakti Raj CHS, Next to Gold's Gym,
13/B Bandra West, Mumbai

Kemps Corner
4, Joshi House, Opposite Shalimar Hotel,
Kemps Corner, Mumbai

9, Jayant Apartment,
Opposite Mercedes Benz Showroom,
Near Century Bazaar, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Q. Are you available anywhere else other than the TBD stores?

A. Yes! Other than the TBD stores, we are available through online ordering from TBD’s website – www.thebakersdozen.in. This is one of the best ways to ensure your regular loafing with options for cash on delivery, payment wallets, pre-orders etc.

We have also established a partner store network - both online and offline stores. The list is as follows:

Big Basket

Gourmet West, Kala Ghoda
Natures Basket, Mumbai
Star Bazaar, Mumbai
Hyper City, Mumbai
Prabhat Stores, Nepean Sea Road
NSCI, Worli
Patel Stores, Bandra
Global Food Company, Versova
Global Food Company, Powai
Kwik 7, Saat Rasta
Haiko, Powai
Big Bazaar Gen Next, Malad

Q. Can I shop you online?

A. Yes of course! Visit http://orders.thebakersdozen.in/order-online to order online at your convenience. Good news is if the store is closed you can also pre order.

Q. Is it possible to get you delivered at my door step?

A. Yes! TBD delivers within a maximum of a day across Mumbai (except Navi Mumbai or Thane). You can also mention the time duration when you would like to collect the delivery. And just place the orders through our website!

Q. How do I make the payment for the order and is there any minimum order for delivery?

A. Yes, the minimum order for home delivery is Rs 200 and Rs 0/25/50 will be charged as delivery fees depending on the location. Most areas in Mumbai come under our free delivery radius  You can either use Mobikwik for instant payment or you can choose cash on delivery.