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TBD aspires to start a wonderful initiative #KeepMoving, by backing young talent from rural India and supporting their journey. Through this initiative, Aditi Handa, Co-founder of TBD salutes their indefatigable spark, and dedication, on their journey to become the best versions of themselves.


Inspiring Youth through Sheetal's Narrative

Sheetal, India's youngest female archer from the remote village of Lohi Dhar, Jammu & Kashmir, defies all odds and shoots with her feet, never letting her disability be a barrier. Inspired by her struggles and indomitable spirit, our co-founder, Aditi connects deeply with Sheetal's journey. TBD is a brand known for spreading beautiful stories through handmade art forms from various regions of India, has sponsored Sheetal as she aims to become a champion for her country. Aditi's idea is to promote Sheetal's inspiring story to TBD's audience through their products, showcasing the passion, rigor, and unparalleled skill with which she trains. By sharing such narratives, we hope to inspire the youth and encourage greater participation while reframing society's view on disability and making the invisible visible.

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